Hey Towelites! You all know how excited the world is to get there hands on the new video game Star Wars Battlefront. I waited for the perfect opportunity to pick up my PS4 and the Limited Edition Darth Vader console will be mine on release date. For those of us who have been waiting on news about a Season Pass, EA and Dice have announced some details of it. The pass will give you early access (2 weeks ahead of normal release) to each of the four unannounced packs along with a special exclusive “Shoot First” emote. star-wars-battlefront-season-passNow I’m not sure what has happened lately with the pricing on Season Passes, but I don’t ever remember paying 50 bucks for one. I’m sure that in good ‘ol EA fashion the company is looking to score as many of your dollars as possible, especially with this being Star Wars related. They sure have us by our wookies don’t they? I mean it’s not like you aren’t going to buy the expansions. No word on if this pass will actually save you any money. You can keep up to date on the pass by visiting the official site. Also available will be the Ultimate Edition of the game that will include the Deluxe version with the Season Pass. Battlefront hits stores and digital on November 17th!