How many of you Towelites are loving the Star Wars Black Series?! For those of you who continued to collect the 3.75 inch scale, you were well rewarded as I find the new Black Series (at that scale) quite amazing actually. I recently picked up a loose Mara Jade and compared her to an original Luke figure from one of the original lines. It is wonderful to see the evolution of these figures!

Now the time has finally come and we are four waves deep into the Star Wars Black Series 6 inch action figure line. For the first time EVER your favorite, and some tolerable, Star Wars characters are available in the “true”, and proper, action figure size. So are you a fan? I more or less am. While I have only opened one, you can check out my review of the Bespin Luke Skywalker here, I was pretty impressed by the quality of the action figure, especially the attention to detail. The downside of this line? Some figures are awful hard to come by, especially army figures. For example, I still cannot find a Stormtrooper at a decent price! Stores are overstocked with Slave Leias and Greedos, while people are hunting down Boba Fett with no luck. Not me, I got lucky.

So here we have Wave 5.


Star Wars Black Series 3


An amazing lineup, including a totally different Sandtrooper! This guy is a great compliment to the one from Wave 1. We finally see two heavy hitters, Darth Vader with a removable helmet and that awesome Wookie co-pilot, Chewbacca! If you’ve seen the packaging, you’ll remember that Chewie is so tall that he can’t even stand up in his box! They had to bend his legs to fit him in. Wave 4 also gives us the next step in Luke Skywalker’s journey with the Force, as he sports his Jedi duds this time around. You can preorder this wave with free shipping here!

But that not all! Remember that we have some deluxe figures coming out in this line as well! Also available for preorder, Jabba the Hutt (without all of his cool SDCC exclusive swag), and a Scout Trooper on a Speeder Bike!

Jabba the HuttHere’s a link for those that still collect the 3.75″ line, Star Wars KOTOR fans should recognize Bastilla Shan. These hit shelves soon, so don’t delay!

Bastilla Shan Black Series

May the Force be with you!