Disney and Lucasfilm have apparently appointed a group to decide what will exist from the establish Expanded Universe in the known Star Wars canon, now that the company owns the rights. Throughout the years tons of new stories have been added to what fans know as the Star Wars universe,, from various forms of media from comics, to books, cartoons, and video games.

It has been the question on everyone’s mind ever since the acquisition of what will still exist.  Everyone of course has an opinion, especially since everyone has a different favorite character or story. The good news here, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Leland Chee who has been responsible as Lucasfilm’s “Keeper of the Holocron” will have control over the cut. Ant doubts on his credentials, check out his Twitter account for some insight if you like.

This may be a good thing, it may be a bad thing. Only time will tell. Popular stories like The Clone Wars, Shadows of the Empire, The Old Republic, will probably make the cut. But what about great epics like the Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire, and other stories that we grew up with, the stories that defined what Star Wars means to us, will they make it? With as hush-hush as Disney has been on what is happening with their franchise. I’m sure it will be awhile before we hear anything solid, but be ready because with Episode VII coming out next year, we are about to get a slew of updates sometime soon!

I’ll tell you once thing if Grand Admiral Thrawn doesn’t make the cut over Jar-Jar Binks, there will be hell to pay! Below you’ll find the timeline of the novels and graphic novels that have been expanding the universe  since I read Zahn’s books and Dark Empire comics back in the early 90’s. Also check out TheForce.net for their ultimate Expanded Universe timeline.

Star Wars Timeline


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