Star Wars Commander reminds me of the old Command and Conquer games of old, and that’s not such a bad thing! The latest Star Wars game from Disney offers you a “free” experience with the game, but of course you don’t get the best experience without dropping some hard earned money on the game of course. Gotta love that in-app purchases tag-line!

The premise here is that you choose which faction from the Star Wars universe (Rebels or Imperials) to be a part of, build your forces, and lead them into battle against either the computer or in PVP matches. Not too shabby, especially considering that the last attempt at a Star Wars game like this was the miserable Force Commander back in the early 2000’s. Check out the trailer below and head on over to the Apple App Store to download it today. Android users your version will be with you shortly, as usual.

Hey give it a shot, I did.

May the Force be with you!