Star Wars 18So I was doing my usual preordering for my upcoming comic series and I read the description of Brian Wood‘s upcoming issues of his spectacular Star Wars run and I read that it was going to end in August. I sat there for a second filling with feelings of both sadness and anger but then I realized 2015 is coming a lot faster than I thought it was!

As we shared with you previously, Marvel Comics will be taking over publishing duties on all Star Wars comic books starting in 2015, so its near time for Dark Horse to end its momentous run of 25 years with the franchise. This means that all of the current series running, including Star Wars, Star Wars Rebel Heist, Star Wars Legacy II, and the Darth Maul Son of Dathomir miniseries will all have their epic series finales in August. As sad as I am about the change-up, I know that we will get some great titles from Marvel and I am looking forward to the talent that will be tasked with upcoming projects. Also to think that all upcoming stories will be a part of official canon is even more exciting.  Look for Dark Horse to release some great collected series through the end of the year, including a Dark Times Gallery Edition.

There are many changes to the Star Wars universe as we know it coming, and that will be marked by the release of the first novel in the new canon which is appropriately titled, A New Dawn. While I really do not disagree with getting rid of years of content and characters that Lucas approved and has become part of our lives, I do like the idea of a more cohesive Star Wars universe. Remember, as geeks we have to think about what will carry the franchise into the future and secure its existence for the next generations of fans.

I will miss you Dark Horse Comics, thank you for 25 years of excellence.

May the Force be with you


Darth Maul 3