Even though the official casting for Star Wars Episode VII came out a few months ago, they’re still adding more to the J. J. Abrams directed sequel. Twitch is reporting that actors Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruyhian, and The_Raid_2_5Cecep Arif Rahman will appear in The Force Awakens. If any of those names sound familiar to you, it’s because they all starred in The Raid films.

There’s nothing known about what their roles will be, but I’m pretty exciting for these casting additions. We could be seeing something along the lines of what Ray Park did with Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. Not huge speaking roles, but a ton of action coming out of these dynamic actors. I knew it was only a matter of time before Uwais was offered a big role in America and I’d have to say that nothing is bigger than Star Wars in 2015.

As more news comes out for Star Wars Episode VII, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!