With Star Wars Episode VII coming out next year, there’s a TON of speculation as to what we are expected to see in the upcoming J. J. Abrams-directed film. We know a lot of the main actors in the film, but aside from our returning friends, we don’t know the roles of any of these newbies. One actor, Daisy Ridley, seems like she may be the main focus of the new film, and judging by the concept art below; I think that’s a good possibility.

Her role is rumored to be that of Kira, a possible daughter of Han and Leia. Let’s take a look at some concept art of her and other characters in the film and be warned that these could contain MAJOR SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.


Just a simple image, nothing to explain much about the character other than she most likely grew up on Tantooine and her garb is very lived in and functional. So then come these…


This is to further illustrate her being on Tattooine and a Bantha-esque creature pulling the remnants of an X-Wing behind it.



Now where things get very inters testing. It’s Kira holding a lightsaber and either being controlled or at least watched by a mysterious onlooker with a red lightsaber. The lightsaber of a Sith.



The Phantom of the Jedi?

Here’s the same mysterious figure with Kira in his embrace. It’s a cyborg, or at least a man covered up by robotic parts. And who could he be? Let me get deep into speculation at this point.





Holding the broken helmet of Darth Vader there are only three characters that would probably do that. Anakin Skywalker, but he died, so most likely not. A zealot who believed in the ways of the Dark Side and Lord Vader. Not a bad idea, but I’m leaning towards…Luke Skywalker. One of his hands is already cybernetic, and what would be a bigger twist in the series than making Luke turn out to be a bad guy!? You can tell that his face is at least partly human, following in his fathers footsteps of being more machine than man would be pretty epic. But why is he bad? That’s yet to be seen. Luring his niece to the Dark Side would make for a very interesting series though.


Come to me my child, let me tell you the story of Wing Commander.

Is this Kira coming upon her Uncle in his weird cave kingdom? We shall see.


The discovery of a lost remnant of the past?

Amongst the Lightsabers of old, we also see the return of an old friend, Chewbacca. Part Wookie, Part Machine.


Keeping with the cyborg theme, there’s also images from an unknown man of unknown origins. Friend or Foe?

This image gives weight to the rumors of the Chrome Troopers and new looks to the classic Storm Troopers.


The rest of the images offer some interesting clues as to this future world our heroes inhabit. Using the corpse of an AT-AT for shelter, a new type of Landspeeder, an all-black TIE Fighter, and more!

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What do you think of this concept art and what it could mean for Episode VII? What are your thoughts on what to expect for Episode VII!?