Yes, we’re more than a year away from seeing another Star Wars film; but the anticipation is killing a lot of people, including us here at DFAT. We can’t wait to see what a J. J. Abrams-directed Episode VII is going to look like! Today, we have a smattering of news and rumors on some things to expect, so let’s get right to it. Oh, and POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!

We know that Daisy Ridley will be in the film, but no idea who her character will be as of yet. We do have some production drawings of what she may be wearing below. The pictures and descriptions are from a fan from Making Star Wars. 

I had trouble with the loose free-flowing scarf, so I didn’t depict it. She has a ton of detail and gadgets on the costume, so please forgive me for any ambiguities. The pants reminded me of Boba Fett’s pants (they’re not). The knee pads, chest and scarf are a dark blue. The pants are grey. Her arms are a white “bone” looking padding, tied off with brown straps. My sketch looks like she has a hat brim but that is supposed to be a transparent visor. It’s like a solid piece of glass or plastic and you can see her eyes through it. The stances below are nearly identical to the art I was shown.

Next up, we get more to add to the rumors that Luke is going the way of Dark Empire. The story we’re hearing is that Luke has been missing for a long time, retiring to Dagobah in order to ignore his pull to the Dark Side. Eventually he becomes reunited with his old friends.

“Luke hasn’t been missing for a full 30 years, only about 10, with his early time post-RETURN OF THE JEDI being spent rebuilding the Jedi Order. Yeah, Luke had some things to do, in order to help get things back on track after the fall of the Empire. In addition, he has grown so powerful with his command of the Force that he can literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance. But then Luke begins to feel a disturbance in the Force… and starts to feel the lure of the Dark Side. If word about the Emperor’s resurgence is true, I believe his presence and desire to court young Skywalker once again is the root of this new evil. Because he knows just what a danger he would be if successfully convinced to switch sides, Luke goes into a self-imposed exile and disappears.”

Finally, J. J. Abrams-alum, Greg Grunberg has officially tweeted that he has a part in the upcoming film. It used to be that the two of them were inseparable, so it’s nice to see Grunberg come onboard a Bad Robot production.

Greg Grunberg tweet

So, there ya have it for the latest news and rumors for Episode VII. What do you think of Luke possibly going to the Dark Side, is Daisy Ridley a bounty hunter or rogue smuggler, is Matt Parkman going to be using his mind powers as another Jedi? Sound off in the comments!