We know that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is about to release a trailer. There’s rumors that there will be a very limited run of the trailer attached to movies over Thanksgiving Weekend. We know that The Millennium Falcon will be in the upcoming film. We know that the animated GIF below may or may not be real.

star wars episode vii millennium falonFrom the look of things, I’d say this was real. BadAssDigest gave a description of the upcoming trailer with the end of it showing the Millennium Falcon “firing blasters, coming right at the camera.” This is definitely fitting of that description. Yes, it could be a fake but let’s think of what happened at the end of Jedi.

The circular radar tower was knocked off the top of the ship, seeing a rectangular one in this GIF solids that there’s been some changes.

millenium falcon being made

Also, there’s this

This behind-the-scenes image lines up perfectly with the GIF in the design of the ship and a rectangular radar tower. We won’t really know until this weekend when the trailer comes out, but it’s exciting to speculate in the meantime. As more news comes in about Star Wars Episode VII, Stay Tooned here at DFAT!