HUGE Star Wars news has hit the internets tonight! Godzilla director, Gareth Edwards, will be directing a film in the new Star Wars universe! While screenwriter Gary Whittas (The Book of Eli) will tackle the script of this as-of-yet titled, stand-alone adventure! I am not the biggest fan of Edwards, I did not like Monsters, and I have heard mixed things about Godzilla. I am going to see the movie, and then I’ll decide. But no matter what this is exciting news for Star Wars as Disney looks to expand the universe with stand-alone movies! I just hope this isn’t a boring movie about Banthas.

Stay tooned to DFAT and our Star Wars Sundays for more news on this exciting project! Check out the official press release below!



In addition to the episodes of a new Star Wars trilogy, Lucasfilm and Disney have begun development on multiple stand-alone movies that will offer new stories beyond the core Saga. Gareth Edwards will direct the first stand-alone film, with a screenplay by Gary Whitta. The film is due out December 16, 2016.

Gareth Edwards blazed into the filmmaking forefront with his acclaimed work on Monsters, a film he wrote, directed and served on as cinematographer and visual effects artist. The skill and vision readily apparent in Monsters earned him the high-profile spot directing this year’s smash hit Godzilla.

“Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life — join the Rebel Alliance! I could not be more excited and honored to go on this mission with Lucasfilm,” said Edwards.

Gary Whittas screenwriting credits include 2010’s The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington. He is also well known as a journalist and editor in the video game industry, as well as part of the BAFTA award-winning team on Telltale Games adaptation of The Walking Dead.

Whitta states, “From the moment I first saw the original movie as a wide-eyed kid, Star Wars has been the single most profound inspiration to my imagination and to my career as a writer. It is deeply special to me,so to be given the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing legacy, especially in collaboration with a film-maker as talented as Gareth, is literally a dream come true. I’m still pinching myself.”


With Episode VII hitting theaters during the holiday season in 2015 and this film in 2016, when will we see the promised multi-film years that we were promised?! I’m sure those announcements aren’t too far behind!
May the Force be with you!