Before the world went nuts for the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic, came the role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic. This two game series, developed by Bioware (Dragon Age), reinvented the meaning of action RPG as you were able to explore the Star Wars galaxy thousands of years before everyone’s favorite movies! Now 10 years after KOTOR was initially released on XBOX and PC  the hit game is available for you to jam out on your favorite iOS device! So go buy yourself or someone you love the GREATEST Star Wars game ever made! The game was only originally available for iPad but now features support for both iPhone and iPod! So head on over to iTunes ASAP because KOTOR is currently being offered at half price for both iPhone and iPad at a LOW price of $4.99! What are you waiting for!! Check out what’s new below!!

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Enhancements to the new version include:

  • Improved graphics: Shadows are now enabled for all Retina iPad models and the iPhone 5s. P
  • Enhanced lighting: Bloom effects are now enabled for iPhone 5s and iPad Air/iPad mini with Retina models. P
  • Widescreen support: Play the game on iPhone and iPod touch in true (not cropped) widescreen. P
  • Updated UI: The game’s interface and text have been optimized for iPhone and iPod touch screens. P
  • Controller support: Experimental implementation for Made for iPhone (MFi) controller

May the Force be with you!



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