One thing I miss, that I haven’t been into much lately, is Star Wars novels. With the upcoming new adventures of Han, Luke, and Leia on the big screen, the classic characters are more popular than ever these days. With a super popular comic series and now this book series, it looks like the universe of our favorite Star Wars personalities will continue to grow and grow! Check out the latest piece of art from the novel and also an excerpt all courtesy of Del Rey’s Facebook page!

Star Wars Empire and Rebellion

[box_light]Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion: Razors Edge Micro Excerpt #5

Han ran faster, but the sound grew louder and louder, echoing off the walls. He risked a look back, and his light framed a big round dark metal wall shooting toward him.

Han swore and almost stumbled. Yeah, that’s a problem. Th e brief
glimpse told him the thing took up the whole width of the corridor and there was no way he could outrun it. He shoved the light into his satchel to leave his hands free and thought, ‘You better get this right the first time, Solo.’

He spun around, had time to take a breath, then lunged forward and jumped as the metal wall rushed toward him. He grabbed for the top and caught the rim. Gritting his teeth, he scrabbled to keep his grip on metal that was slick with dust and moisture. A fall would be the end. A squashed, bloody, painful end.[/box_light]


Star Wars Razor’s Edge: Empire and Rebellion hits shelves this Tuesday, September 24th!

May the Force be with you!



Star Wars Razor's edge Empire and Rebellion cover