First the world was introduced to Star Wars Rebels character, Chopper the astromech droid. Then last week we introduced you to the Ezra and Jedi Master Kanan. Rounding out the rest of the main cast this week we have THREE new characters to familiarize you with! I am really excited for this show to premiere this summer and I hope that it will have the same tone and feel that The Clone Wars was able to portray. Check out all of the introduction videos below for each of the characters!

Zeb is the muscle of the team. He is based on the original look of Ralph McQuarrie‘s design for Chewbacca. His race has never been seen before in the Star Wars world, so it is exciting to see the show creating new mythos already! Zeb will be voiced by Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop).

Next up we have Sabine the Mandalorian who loves explosives and graffiti! The part will be played by Tiya Sircar (Witches of East End). Are you looking forward to seeing one of these classic warriors on the team? Will we see Boba Fett show up at any point? Let’s hope so!

Finally today this is Hera, and she’s the pilot of our heroes’ ship The Ghost! Hera is a Twi’lek (one of my favorite SW races), and she will be voiced by Vanessa Marshall (Young Justice).

May the Force be with you