Star Wars Rebels is the next big thing in the galaxy, as we prepare for the show that will serve as a bridge between the events of Episode VI and what’s to come. Today, we have a couple pieces of casting news as we learn of Obi-Wan joining Rebels as well as Tiya Sicar voicing a mysterious female Mandalorian.

Jedi News spotted Obi-Wan among the Rebels character art at the Rebels Disney Store Hasbro Sneak Preview. It will be great to see what the old man has been up to and how he’s holding watch over Luke on Tantooine. 

Tiya Sicar is best known for small parts in movies like 17 Again and Friends With Benefits; but now she’ll be joining the ranks of the legendary Mandalorian Army. Sicar will be voicing, Sabine, a female Mandalorian, and recently spoke with USA Today to talk about the role.

[box_light]“She’s a chick Mandalorian, so that makes it more interesting, and everyone’s very familiar with Boba Fett,” Sircar says.

Sabine also has a great backstory, though Sircar can’t reveal anything about that yet. In addition to hanging around with Stormtroopers, she’s also been trained in the ways of keeping secrets — a Star Wars tradition.[/box_light]

It’ll be interesting to see what other characters get revealed for the upcoming show. There’s even rumors that Cloud City’s own, Lando, may make an appearance. As more Star Wars Rebels news comes out, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!