It’s debatable, but Boba Fett may be the most popular character in the Star Wars canon. He hardly has any lines or screen time, but he’s just so damn cool; that he’s the most renowned Bounty Hunter of all time. Back in 1978, George Lucas and Joe Johnston hadn’t quite gotten the look for the character right. Below, you can see what Ralph McQuarrie originally designed.

star-wars-ralph-mcquarrie-original-concept-art-boba-fettAs you can see, the character was going to be white. Luckily, he received the paint job to the Mandalorian Armour; but that first costume even had a full screen test. You can see Sound Designer, Ben Burtt, hosting the screen test of film editor, Duwayne Dunham, sporting the white duds.

Let’s fast forward almost 40 years to seeing a new Sideshow Collectibles 12″ inch figure being based off this screen test. It seems more like something Hasbro would do; but for $180 you can have your very own Prototype Boba Fett figure and be the envy of all our friends. Check out the gallery below!

You can order the figure HERE.