Since, Corey Feldman is a washed-up loser now whose only saving grace is the Lost Boys sequels (which The Thirst was really quite great), he has “delusions of grandeur;” which is ironic that Han Solo himself said those words after being frozen in carbonite. Feldman recently fondled a lightsaber and started calling a bunch of places to shop around the rumor that he should be in Star Wars: Episode VII playing the legendary space pirates son.

Feldman told MovieWeb that  “More than anything, I want a part in that new ‘Star Wars’franchise,” he said. “I think [playing] Harrison Ford’s son is a really great idea. Fans have always said that I would make a great Young Indiana Jones. We look very similar.

Has Feldman even seen Young Indiana Jones? I have and he looks NOTHING like Sean Patrick Flannery OR River Phoenix, not in the least! So, it’s very doubtful that the boy who dressed in Michael Jackson clothes throughout his youth is going to be part of the new Star Wars films; but we’ll keep you posted here at DFAT regardless!