Wes Anderson spaceship

I’ve been a fan of Wes Anderson ever since I saw his first film, Bottle Rocket. He’s extremely quirky, has an amazing eye for detail, and his dry humor always has me rolling with laughter. Anderson is a great director, and now he’d like to take on a Star Wars film in the near future.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Anderson said “Well I have a feeling I would probably ultimately get replaced on the film because I don’t know if I have all the right action chops. But at least I know the characters from the old films.”

Anderson attempted in action movie with A Life Aquatic, for me, it was a film that didn’t  know if it wanted to be a comedy or an action film and failed at both. Anderson would be better suited for a smaller movie, which is why he think he’d like to make a movie based off the back-story to Han Solo.

“I don’t think I would do a terrible job at a Han Solo backstory,” he admitted. “I could do that pretty well. But maybe that would be better as a short.”

Though, I think that’d be an interesting premise, I’m not sure I would really want to see a Wes Anderson ‘Han Solo’ movie. It would be too weird and funny and nothing like I would imagine a Han Solo movie would be. I’d want it to be similar to a James Bond movie meets Firefly. That’s something that I could never see Wes Anderson pulling off.

It’s not very likely that Anderson will be directing a Star Wars movie anytime soon, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know find out more information on the next Star Wars Saga.