Along with Luke, Leia, and Han Solo’s imminent return to the beloved Star Wars franchise, we are also hearing some other actors throw their hat into the Sarlacc Pit. Recently, Obi-Wan himself, Ewan McGregor, hinted that he could be making an appearance in Episode VII. Would he be returning as a ghost? Could he be re-born out of midi-chlorians and find himself resurrected? Check below for what he told Digital spy.

“Yeah of course,” answered McGregor when asked if he wanted to play the role again by Digital Spy in a recent interview. “If they need me, yeah, I’d be happy,” the 41-year-old Scotland native added.

When the reporter suggested Kenobi might come back as a ghost, McGregor suggested, “Or maybe he comes back.”

McGregor then quickly backpedaled and clarified, “I know nothing about it other than what I’ve read on the Internet.”

My thought from the start of this whole endeavor is that Disney and George Lucas have been working on this merger for much longer than anyone has known and that they probably have all the actors, directors, cast and crew, locked and ready to go; and a just slowly leaking information out to the public. Regardless, I don’t care. Bring on old characters, bring on a Boba Fett stand-alone movie, and bring on Obi-Wan. McGregor did a fantastic job in my opinion and is one of the only saving graces for the prequels.