If I was trying out for a part in Star Wars: Episode VII, I’d be sure to keep my mouth shut. It’s Disney, It’s Lucas, It’s Abrams. All 3 are EXTREMELY secretive, yet actor Jason Flemying may have just screwed his chances for a role in the film. Recently, he posted the picture below on his twitter page.

Jason Flemyng's Instagram shot, since removed, of his script for Star Wars: Episode VII.

[box_light]”Pint of Stella and Star Wars script! That’s me sorted till 5!”[/box_light]

The picture has been removed, and probably have the chances of Flemyng being in the film. When it was rumored that Matthew Vaughn would be helming the film, Flemyng was the one who let the rumor leak to the media. Vaughn and Flemyng have worked together on all of Vaughn’s films, so it would be assumed that if Vaughn were to direct Star Wars; Flemyng had a good chance for being in it.

That’s not the case anymore, with J. J. Abrams taking over the project. Actress Saoirse Ronan spoke up about her auditioning for a role in the film as well, only to say later on that she didn’t get the part. So, let it be a rule to all your would-be Jedi’s out there. The First Rule About Episode VII, is that you DON’T TALK ABOUT EPISODE VII.

I hope we get some confirmed casting news soon. I know they want to take their time with this film, especially since it won’t come out for 2 full years from now; but it’s Star Wars! It’s going to make Billions of dollars, you might as well give us something! Maybe it will be a Geekly Christmas Miracle! We shall see.