Let’s just chalk this up to the rumor mill again, but today we learned that David Fincher and Jon Favreau have been added to the list of directors that will most likely turn down Star Wars: Episode VII. Why would they turn it down? Well, because if you screw up a Star Wars movie, you’re done in Hollywood. You’re not the creator like George Lucas. He can do whatever he wants to those movies. Jar-Jar, Jake Lloyd, the entire first part of Episode I. Okay, you can tell I’m not a big fan of Phantom Menace; but I digress.

I also don’t want to see a Star Wars movie by David Fincher. I ABSOLUTELY love Fincher as a director, just not for a Star Wars movie. He’s too dark and brooding and though that would work for a PG-13 Sith Lord fest, it’s not going to work to usher in a new era of fans. Favreau on the other hand COULD have the chops to do it. I love what he did with the Iron Man movies, but handling space battles and alien species….well, did you SEE Cowboys & Aliens? I can’t say the action was all that bad in that movie, but it was pretty horrible.

The chief of Disney, Alan Horn had this to say about the upcoming director. Horn  said that an official announcement will be made soon. He went on to say that fans don’t need to worry about the franchise. “We take very seriously the obligation to make a very good movie,” said Horn. “Kathy [Kennedy] is a very experienced producer; George Lucas is the godfather of that franchise and very, very involved on a consulting basis. So we feel very confident.

We’ll know soon enough who gets picked to potentially screw up one of the biggest movie franchises of our time. Stay Tuned at DFAT for news!