It’s kind of hard to believe that for over 30 years we have not known the name of Emperor Palapatine. We were all okay with his first name being ‘Emperor’ because it just kinda made sense. He was evil, he controlled the Empire, he could shoot lightning out of fingertips at us. Why question it?

Well, recently at NYCC, it was revealed just what that name was. It will make it’s debut in the new Tarkin book by James Luceno (Labyrinth of Evil, Rise of Darth Vader). Okay…you ready for this?


The Emperor’s first name is SHEEV. Yes, it curiously sounds like Shiv. Yes, it fits into other ridiculous Star Wars names ( like Chewbacca, Wicket, Mon Mothma, Jabba the Hutt and many others. So honestly, we could all think its something ludicrous but at the same time, it’s George Lucas and I suppose it’s not all that bad in the grand scheme of SW names.