As Star Wars: Episode VII is currently filming, there’s a lot of speculation as to what to expect in the J. J. Abrams-directed film. We know that we have all of the original actors back to step into their legendary roles again, but not much is known of the plot. Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, doesn’t offer much news on the subject himself, but he is talking about getting back into role that made him a star. Have a look at what he had to say as he hung out with a distant Jedi Knight, Mickey Mouse.

mark hamill and mickey 2

“I’ve altered my diet. I’ve started working out. There’s that,” he told the Orlando Sentinel. “But on the film itself: I toured the departments, I’ve looked at wardrobe, and I saw the creature shop. I went around and met all the cast people, saw the technicians working on some new things.”

He also mentioned that it was “wonderful” to reunite with his former co-stars Carrier Fisher and Harrison Ford. Hamill went on to explain that his inclusion in the series.

“In my mind, there was a beginning, and a middle and an end for me and my association with George [Lucas]’s trilogy,” he said. “It was firmly in the past. When the prequels came out, I watched from a distance, but I was totally fine.”

Hamill is 62 and will be back as Luke Skywalker when Episode VII hits theaters in December of next year!


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