At this weekends, D23 Expo, Star Wars fans (DFAT Writers included) expected to hear some news about the upcoming Episode VII. Disney CEO, Alan Horn,  took the stage and went on to announce that the film was ‘Officially slated for 2015.’ Yep, that’s it. Something that we’ve already known since Disney first announced that there would even be an Episode VII! No J. J. Abrams, no plot details, no first look at the cast. Nothing!

This just seemed like a significant waste for the fans. We know that they are expected to be begin filming the movie very soon. So, why not give us ANYTHING to go on!? You know that we’re all going to see it, and giving us the plot or title or casting choices is only going to get us more excited.


Hopefully, Disney and Horn will realize what a massive ball they dropped and remedy the situation in the next few weeks with some ACTUAL announcements for Episode VII. Until then, we can expect that the film is to be out in 2015. When? Who knows. History would say in May, as all the previous 6 films have come out that month; but Disney is being tight-lipped so it could be Christmas.

Stay Tuned to DFAT when more Episode VII news actually comes our way!