This Star Wars Sundays I’d like to introduce you Towelites to some of the best Star Wars/Aliens mash-up images that I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, the ONLY ones I’ve ever seen. These are a mix of two of my favorite genres of all time and I couldn’t be more giddy looking at them. In fact, that Storm Troopers being attacked by the alien horde is my new phone wallpaper. Check them out below and share amongst your loved ones!

stormtroopers-vs-aliens darth_maul_vs_aliens_by_rhymesyndicate-d4n26rr star-wars-sith-predator-1 star-wars-sith-predator-2 jango_fett_and_his_alien_pets darth_vader_meets_his_match_by_rhymesyndicate-d5c8pjg

Images thanks to RhymeSyndicate on DeviantArt. He’s got a TON of amazing images, check him out!