With the extinction of the Expanded Universe over at Disney and LucasFilms, fans have been wondering how things in Episode VII are going to play out. Luke, Han, and Leia are all returning, as well as their chums, but how do they fit into a world where we had once believed Thrawn, Dark Empires, and cloned Emperors existed?

Star Wars Rebels 02

Well, John Morton, who played Dak in The Empire Strikes Back, seems to think that Star Wars Rebels holds the key. The series will take place between Episode VI and VII, and according to Morton, it will serve as the serve as the bridge between the Original Trilogy and the new franchise.

GeekTyrant spoke with Morton who said,

 “Rebels is the key. Rebels will provide the link to bring in the continuity from Clone Wars, the Original Trilogy and the Prequels to enable LucasFilm and Disney to tee-up Episode VII,” Morton said. “If you want my informed opinion, it will enable Episode VII to leapfrog over the whole trilogy.”

He added,

“The key that is going to make this work is RebelsRebels will set up and point the direction forEpisode VII. The characters they are creating in Rebels will be around in Episode VII.”

So, looks like the so-so trailer that I saw is going to lead to something greater. I was half-thinking of watching the show because it looked to “kiddy”. Looks like I’ll have to change my mind.