Today, we have a faithful Towelite who decided to share some insider information on what’s happening at the Mouse House. According to “Brady” (Real Name withheld at fear of execution from Disney Gestapo), Star Wars Land is expected for a late 2017 release. Check out what he has to say about the development below!

[box_light]Just wanted to give you the latest update on Star Wars Land…I am hearing buzz about a speeder bike thrill ride, a walk through the Millenium Falcon and a Tattooine cantina restaurant. This is all supposed to be up and running by late 2017. There are rumors that Disney is in financial trouble but that is a big time rumor; Disney parks just closed the most profitable quarter in company history (6.1 billion in profit and over 23 billion in revenue) so I am confident that this will happen. Also, my neighbor works for the “lights, motors, action extreme stunt show” which is currently located on the land that will eventually have Star Wars Land standing on it and he has already been given his notice that the show will be shutting down and getting demolished in the very near future.[/box_light]

Avatar Land AND Star Wars Land are both coming to Disney!? I think my face will just about melt off. Nothing has been OFFICIALLY announced from Disney, but I think we should expect more details as we get closer to Star Wars: Episode VII becoming an actual entity. As more news comes to DFAT, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to Brady for the scoop!