One of these days I’m going to gather my thoughts and write a nice editorial about how I feel about the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney…I haven’t gotten to that point yet….well may I have, maybe this post will end up as a 1000 word rant about said merger. But let me cover one thing first, a reason why I can’t bring myself to get overly excited about this epic sale are rumors that fly around uncontrollably on the interwebs, for example my favorite…or should I say gives me unnecessary heart palpitations….the resurrection of Darth Vader!!??!!  I really don’t like to swear on the site, so younger readers please come back after my explicit language……


Ok, listen, I can get behind a cloned Emperor, or even a regurgitated Boba Fett,  but Darth Vader died folks! The original trilogy is the story of Darth Vader, please do not take that away from us. It was bad enough that we had to suffer through the prequels and have Darth Vader’s ultimate villain status be insulted by what George Lucas thought was best for his story. There are plenty of villains in the Star Wars universe to borrow from, that you don’t have to do this…please Disney

DO NOT DO THIS. Now on the bright side, I have a lot of faith in Disney that they know what the fans want, for example the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all the films that fall into that franchise. The reason I don’t want to get overly excited for a new Star Wars trilogy, franchise, whatever is that this merger is so new that we don’t know what to expect from it. I would love to see Luke, Leia, and Han again in a Star Wars film, I think that a film that brings a new “legacy” to the Force is something that I would really like if the treatment is right. I don’t know how I feel about altering all of the stories that have become canon over the years, from the Thrawn trilogy to the New Jedi Order to Legacy. The truth is, I would be ok if they ignored it I understand the concept of “tales”…at the same time George Lucas had a lot of creative control over what went into the novel and comics and deaths and what-not….but then again what he did with the prequels erased or contradict a lot of it anyways. So I think it’s inevitable that we will see some changes, but what I think the thing I am most excited about is the fact that the Star Wars films will not just be restricted to trilogies. There could be a Boba Fett standalone movie, we may see a Pixar version of Shadows of the Empire movie, who knows!! The possibilities are endless! So yes I am excited, but I am also a good student of Yoda and know that patience is the way of the Force and what will be, will be. I have a lot of faith in Disney and a lot of love for Star Wars.

May the Force be with you!