This is something I really needed to share. Mostly because of my love for both Star Wars and beer. So what would happen if Star Wars starred a bunch of Australians? Well probably this! Star Wars Downunder is a great fan-film with some surprisingly good CGI and a cast that is driven by beer. Check it out!

Trailer for Star Wars Downunder. Star Wars Downunder is a 30 minute Star Wars fan film which finally answers the age old question, that has confounded many a film buff before: What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer? Star Wars Downunder: an epic tale of the good, the bad and the thirsty. Directed by Michael Cox and written by Bryan Meakin and Michael Cox, Star Wars Downunder, is half an hour of action, special effects and lovable Aussie larakins.
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Star Wars Downunder Trailer from Michael Cox on Vimeo.


May the Force be with you!