Listen I am not a big fan of Facebook games, Iphone games, or any of these types of games in general. Until I decided to download the latest entry in the Tiny Tower series, Tiny Death Star. Combining the best of both worlds, Tiny Death Star puts you in command of building a Death Star for the Emperor. Your task? Make money, move-in new Bitizens (workers) and give them jobs, add new levels, hunt down Rebel spies, and wear out your thumbs! The detail put into this game is pretty amazing considering that it is on the “kiddy” side of the gaming world. I love the fact that the Chiss are one of the species included in the game and also many of the levels are very creative along with the products they offer. If you are a Star Wars fan I suggest that you try this game out, it is free on both IOS and Android stores, but there is an upgrade for 5 bucks that gets you a faster elevator, credits, and Imperial bucks, remember it’s always nice to support the creators. There are two different parts of the Death Star that you are responsible for. The upper levels, or the “public” areas, which include stores, restaurants, apartments, and more, while the lower levels, aka Imperial levels, are different. The Imperial levels require special Bitizens called Supply Officers who will help create special “goods” for those levels. All of your favorite Star Wars characters are here as well, and as you unlock them during your progression, you also unlock special movies that go along with each character. Sometimes the Emperor will ask you to hunt down a Rebel Spy and it is up to you to scan your levels and find out where the trespasser is. I am not sure how big you can build your Death Star but there are MANY levels to add and a lot of characters to unlock. Tiny Death Star is a great game if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to something but need a time waster on a work break or whenever you feel bored. Check out the gallery below for some great screenshots from the game!

May the Force be with you



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