Star Wars figures have always been produced at the 3.75″ size and if you are a collector you know full well that there have been many lines since the initial launch of the toys back in the late 70’s. The latest and best  yet is The Black Series which comes in both 3.75″ and 6″. The 6″ figures are the first to be produced in the size and they are truly made for the collectors. With amazing detail and all the appropriate accessories these figures are now on my radar to be collected! So far we have seen two waves, with the third just recently announced, each consisting of 4 figures each. I have managed to get my hands on favorites like Darth Maul, Han Solo, and Boba Fett, while passing on the rest. With so many characters in the Star Wars universe, who else am I really excited to see get the treatment? Here is my top 5 most desired figures for the series!


5. Dengar – A personal favorite of mine. I think that his costume is one of coolest from the original movies and the detail on him would be pretty amazing. Of course I wouldn’t mind all of the other bounty hunters especially Bossk and can you imagine how cool an IG-88 would be in this line?!

Leia Hoth

4. Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit) – My favorite movie and my favorite look for her. This is the Leia that was in charge of the Rebellion during the Battle of Hoth and it’s the outfit that she wore for most of Empire Strikes Back.

Obi wan kenobi

3. Obi Wan Kenobi (Original Trilogy) – The Ewan McGregor version is already on its way, but I am and will always be a fan of the Sir Alec Guinness version of the character.


2. Chewbacca – How amazing will this figure be? The answer is VERY. The detail for his fur alone will be interesting to see and his bowcaster is one of my favorite weapons of the trilogy. I already have the Han so what is the smuggler without his co-pilot? Incomplete.

Darth Vader

1. Darth Vader – A given. My favorite character and one of the greatest villains of all time! He will look glorious at the 6″ size! I am pretty sure that we are getting the Episode 3 version of the character soon, which makes little sense to me, except that they want to sell some of the crappier characters before releasing all the big guns (look at the first wave). There is no argument that we will see Darth Vader at some point and I can’t wait!


As you can see these are all original trilogy characters and there are only a few characters I would actually buy from the prequels. So keep your eyes out for these beauties as they hit shelves because they won’t stay there for long!

May the Force be with you!



star wars black series wave 2 leia han boba greedo