No one is really sure how much longer Dark Horse will have publication rights to the Star Wars universe. Now that Disney owns both SW and Marvel Comics its only a matter of time before we see a shift in power and Marvel will get the rights back. Until then Dark Horse continues to put out great content including the upcoming mini series based on George Lucas‘ original Star Wars write-up/screenplay, The Star Wars. The first issue (of eight) is written by J.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew and will hit stands and comic shops on September 4th! You can preorder it over at! Here is a trailer for the upcoming series!


Before Star Wars, there was The Star Wars! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become a motion picture that would change the world. Annikin Starkiller is the hero . . . Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general . . . Han Solo is a big green alien . . . and the Sith . . . Well, the Sith are still the bad guys. High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away!

Stay tooned 😛



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