If you’ve been to Disney lately, you know that there’s been a lot of updates to Star Wars. There’s a rumor that Star Wars Land is on it’s way, which would make perfect sense with Indiana Jones and some other attractions being closed down. In the meantime, Disney will be holding an event called Villains Unleashed.

Unleashed will feature more than 50 villains from all of Disney’s films, but now they’ll be adding some Star Wars additions to the roster. Below is the list:

• Darth Vader
• Darth Maul
• Boba Fett
• Asajj Ventress
• Emperor Palpatine
• Stormtrooper
• Zam Wessell
• Jango Fett

The event starts at 8:00pm and runs until 1:00am on Saturday, August 23. Get your tickets here.

Bottom image via MattPLOG