RECLAMATION: Rec·la·ma·tion (r k l -m sh n). n. 1. The act or process of reclaiming. 2. A restoration, as to productivity, usefulness, or morality.

What is Star Wars Reclamation? Well according to IMDB, well a post on the site, Reclamation MAY be the next animated show coming our way from the Star Wars universe. According to the source, the show will set up the universe post-Return of the Jedi and cover events leading up to Star Wars Episode VII. Below you will find information that describes the characters involved and the overall plot of the show. Towelites please remember that this is not confirmed news and could merely be a hoax by a disgruntled former Lucasfilm LTD or LucasArts employee. There are some cool references in the documents INCLUDING the mention of 1313, some familiar characters, and some unknowns. From the looks of it, if this was to come to fruition, it would destroy the Star Wars EU canon completely. Nonetheless, here is some insight into the project.

“Might be talking about this. we’d been working on details of it since early last year but didn’t know the details until a few months ago. got the greenlight in January but stopped everything when the layoffs hit. I could probably get in trouble, but oh wait, i don’t work there anymorewho knows if this is the same project though, everything was dicey



May the Force be with you!