Around the time of the prequels, George Lucas announced that he’d be working on a Star Wars television series. The title would be Star Wars Underworld and it would be the stories that haven’t been told in the SWU. It was rumored to have 100 episodes and the tv station that ran the show, would have to buy the whole series as a package so that it could ensure to run it’s course, as well as be put into syndication for having that amount of episodes. We never saw this show come to light.

Enter the present, one of the writers, Steven Scaia, is starting an Indiana Jones inspired fan film and is looking to crowd source the project through Kickstarter. That would be cool enough, but Scaia was also one of the writers on Star Wars Undeworld and spoke about working on the project.  He mentions how we could have seen a young Han Solo meeting Chewie and getting the Millennium Falcon.

You can see the video HERE.

Though, the show will never see the light of day, it sounded pretty darn cool. Also, Army of the Lost Horizon, the Kickstarter fan film, looks pretty cool itself. I suggest you all hit that link above, and donate to see this great project come to life!