The force is strong with one.  The Last Jedi continues the story of Rey and her training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.  Rey is not the only story being told in this chapter, the Rebel Alliance is playing cat and mouse with the First Order struggling to survive their never ending onslaught.  New characters clash with familiar ones to make this film more enjoyable.  The internal turmoil within Rey is pretty apparent when she confronts Kylo with her past and future.  The title to this film is somewhat enigmatic as it tries to explain the dogma of the Jedi Order and why it was created and how it will end.  I have always been a supporter of non-spoiling, straight forward reviews, but this one is a head scratcher, however I will give it my very best.  This film reminds me of the second installment of the Star Wars trilogy, Empire Strikes Back.  The First Order are one step ahead of the Alliance where they have the Alliance on the run while Finn and newly found ally Rose Tico are trying to find a way to stop them.  From Finn and Rose’s point of view we get a firsthand look at how deep the First Order has influenced the universe.  The general feel of the film is intense, fast pace, and desperate from Rey, Finn, Poe, and the Alliance.   Carrie Fisher who plays General Leia Organa brilliantly, is nothing but magnificent.  Her final role as the hard nose tough loving former Princess definitely cements her status as legendary, and will leave a lasting impression on all of us.  I will miss her deeply.  But we must move ahead toward the future.  The internal power play within the Alliance plays a vital part in this film as Poe Dameron initiates a small mutiny within the command structure.  It is rather refreshing to see conflict within our heroes, because it makes great storytelling, and it tells us that they are flawed just like everybody else.   As the Star Wars saga continues, Rey must battle Kylo and Luke both as she tries to understand the real power of the Force.  We finally get to understand why Kylo revolted and why Luke had to go into self-exile.  Mark Hamill’s performance is both grandstanding and intimate, all at the same time.  His understanding of the Force leads us to believe that there is more to the old religion than just black and white.  Rey plays her part brilliantly as she juggles her allegiance to Kylo and the Resistance.  I can honestly say that her character will go further than Luke and Vader as a very powerful Jedi, the question is where her loyalty lies.  Will she be tempted toward the Dark Side or continue her journey in the Light Side?  Only time will tell.   Many characters both familiar and new have made a huge impact in the Star Wars Universe.  From the code breaker DJ, played by Benicio Del Toro to Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico to Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo played by Laura Dern.  In the film they have all shown their quality and virtue of how the Star War Universe perceives the war.  It is ugly and beautiful as we witness self-sacrifice and selfishness in these characters.   This story reveals a lot as we continue the saga.  Loyalty will be tested, old friends die, new allies emerge, the fight continues as the small rag band group of rebels struggle to stay alive against the evil empire.  This is a good film. More action, more excitement, and much more drama that than its predecessor.  I give this film four movie stubs out of five.