Hey Star Wars Geeks, here’s your latest news from that galaxy far, far away.


Legoland theme park in Florida will be opening a section dedicated to Star Wars. It will feature life-sized minifigs and many other AWESOME LEGO Star Wars paraphernalia. Please let them add a Superhero and Lord of the Rings section. Then I will move there…into the park. Here’s a little blurb:

WINTER HAVEN (AP) – Legoland Florida says it will expand to add an interactive “Star Wars”-themed area in November. The central Florida theme park made the announcement Thursday. Star Wars Miniland will include Lego scenes from six-movie series of films as well as the animated “Clone Wars” television series. The section will follow a chronological path through the “Star Wars” timeline. Some of the 2,000 Lego models  will be more than 6 feet high. Visitors will be able to activate animations throughout the scenes using interactive buttons. Legoland Florida is based on the building-block toys and has rides and attractions geared toward ages 2 to 12. Since opening in October 2011, the park has added a water park and hotels.



Star Wars Omnibus: Infinities

One of my favorite Star Wars comic book series ever! Star Wars fans if you have not read these, do yourselves a favor! DO IT!!


On sale Feb 13, 2013, 280 pages, $24.99

Collected here are three different tales where one thing happens differently than it did in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. The familiar players—Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Darth Vader—are launched onto new trajectories that send them toward dire consequences and unexpected futures! Collects Star Wars: Infinities—A New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back; and Return of the Jedi. 


The new season of ‘The Clone Wars’ is coming in a few weeks and you want to be ready right? RIGHT?! Well lucky for you the last four episodes from last season are coming this Tuesday! A month ahead of the full season 4 release! Check it!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Darth Maul Returns
Exclusive 88-minute Directors cut
The dramatic return of Darth Maul has been one of the most talked about developments in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the evil Sith Lord will continue to wreak havoc in the forthcoming Season Five of the animated series. Witness his resurrection in a special feature-length Directors’ Cut presentation of his animated debut, coming exclusively to DVD at Target stores on September 11th.




Lastly, Bioware’s mega-hit, Star Wars: The Old Republic is going free to play, of course if you play for free you don’t get all the cool stuff:

Star Wars: The Old Republic will add a free-to-play option this October. Those who opt to play for free will have access to all the story content for all eight classes, and will be able to level a character all the way up to the current cap of 50. Some content will be restricted, though, and will only be attainable through paying a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 or using an upcoming in-game currency called “Cartel Coins” to make purchases. 



Starting next Sunday we will be replacing Stop-Motion Sundays with Star Wars Sundays, so look forward to a day filled with scum and villainy from your favorite galaxy far, far away!

Stay tooned 😛



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