Hey Star Wars fans! We are back from Punta Cana and it’s time to round up some of the news highlights from that galaxy far, far away. This week there were some exciting announcements across the Star Wars entertainment board so let’s get to it. Oh and if you aren’t reading the latest novel Star Wars: Bloodline you are missing out! So get down to your local bookstore or download it today!

Tom HardyTom Hardy’s Surprise Role

Looks like another famous actor will be donning a Stormtrooper costume in Episode 8 and that is Mad Max himself Tom Hardy. There were rumors afoot that he would be playing Boba Fett but that is downright ridiculous seeing that the character looks nothing like Episode 2’s Temuera Morrison and nor does his age line up to what Boba would be at this point. So it seems that Hardy will be following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig for now.

Vader comicDarth Vader Comic Cancelled

Sad news for fans of the Star Wars comics from Marvel, the publisher announced that August’s issue 25 would be the final book in Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca’s monumental run and what is probably the best comic in the series out there. It will be interesting to see where Marvel goes from here seeing that the timeline is currently set between Episode 4 and 5. Personally I think that it’s time to explore a post Empire Strikes Back story in the form of something Shadows of the Empire-esque.

BattlefrontBattlefront 2

For those of you begging EA for a single player campaign mode in Battlefront this may be it. The company announced this week that they will be pushing for a release of a sequel come 2017. The only details we have so far is that the game will have “bigger and better” worlds along with featuring content from all of the movies. This is the problem though, if you don’t do a campaign then why aren’t you just releasing DLC for the original game instead of making us spend another 150 bucks on a new one. Space combat is also a must because as cool as the atmosphere battles are nothing beats a good old space battle. Doesn’t seem so difficult to me seeing they were doing it nearly 20 years ago with games like X-Wing and Tie Fighter. Come on EA stop ripping off your customers! Also let’s get an Uncharted-esque game out for those of us who aren’t the biggest fans of FPS’s.