Welcome back Towelites to another exciting edition of Star Wars Tidbits! There’s always a ton of Star Wars news hitting the interwebs so we like to round it all up into one little article on Star Wars Sunday. This past week was what fans call the REAL Star Wars day, May 25th, the day that A New Hope was released in theaters. Well in honor of that magical day in which our Geekly lives were changed forever, tickets for next year’s Celebration went on sale. Check out the details on that and more below, and may the Force be with you!

Celebration Orlando bannerCelebration Orlando 2017 Tickets NOW and STILL available!

Star Wars Celebration returns to US soil next year and will be hosted in Orlando. We here at DFAT got our tickets when they went on sale this past Wednesday and believe it or not they are still available! Head on over to the following link to pick up yours today for a weekend filled with scum and villainy!


Celebration Europe bannerCelebration Europe 2016 Key Art

Speaking of celebration, a piece of Key Art for this year’s Celebration Europe is pretty damn amazing as it features characters from both The Force Awakens and Rogue One. The beautiful piece features all the new characters and vehicles that we will be seeing on the big screen come this December. The art will be featured on many products and also be available in poster form at the show.Star-Wars-Celebration-Main



Revenge of the jediRevenge of the Jedi Teaser Released

This week via the Oscar archives an original trailer for “Revenge of the Jedi” was released to the world. As we all know the title was scrapped when Lucas decided to rename the movie Return of the Jedi due to it not being in a Jedi’s nature to seek revenge. It is always interesting to see any kind of media featuring the original title for Episode VI. Check out the teaser below!

Star Wars Rebels SliderStar Wars Rebels Season 3 to Premiere at Celebration Europe

Finally today some exciting news for those going to Celebration Europe this summer. Those attending will have the opportunity to see the premiere of Star Wars Rebels season 3. It was announced this week that Showrunner Dave Filoni will bring the episodes to the convention for a screening, and bring special guests to share highly guarded sneak peeks at what’s to come. The beloved animated series is scheduled to return this fall but HOPEFULLY we may get an early release of the first few episodes like we did last year with season 2.