Celebration VI is in full swing and I am very jealous of not being there this year, hopefully if this blog thing pans out a bit we can get on that! Anywho a lot of awesome announcements coming our way from the Star Wars Universe!

First up, from the creators of Robot Chicken comes Star Wars: Detours. Detours will be a kid-friendly animated show that takes place between Episodes 3 and 4, and will focus on events in the everyday lives of our favorite characters. I think it looks pretty hilarious! Check out the trailer below!

Next up we have some announcements from Dark Horse about their upcoming Star Wars comics. Last/this year’s James Bond meets Star Wars title, Agent of the Empire was a great read. Jahan Cross will be returning in AOE:Hard Targets and the series will be featuring even more familiar characters from that galaxy far, far away! Also coming to a shelf near you a new Purge series, Dark Times is returning, and DO NOT FORGET the upcoming, untitled, ongoing series that will be set during the original Trilogy!! Can’t wait for this one!

Remember that little project called 1313? Of course you do, unless you were the victim of a Jedi Mind Trick! Here is a sneak peek video entitled “Descent into the Underworld”, courtesy of Gamespot. In 1313, you take on the mantle of a bounty hunter who will be delving into the under layers of the massive planet of Coruscant.

Finally, Happy Birthday to John Williams who just celebrated his 80th birthday on August 18th. Thank you Mr Williams for some of the greatest soundtracks of all time, and I’m not just talkin’ SW. Here’s to many more years and music from you sir!! A little treat for you fans, the greatest theme of themes for your listening pleasure!

Thanks to the Force.net