Towelites! One week remains for one of the Kickstarter‘s that we have been following closely. If you are a Star Wars fan and toy enthusiast, then this book is for you. ‘Universe Expanded’ will explore the action figure line from the mid-90’s that stepped outside the usual bounds of  movie characters, giving us plastic versions of our favorite ones from books, comics, video games, and more!

Universe Expanded page 01Philip Reed, author of the successful Kickstarter book projects ‘Each Sold Seperately’ and ‘Action Figures Not Included’, has a great appreciation and love for action figures. ‘Universe Expanded’ will feature high-quality photos of all the figures from the line, along with information and the history of each. Additionally as an add-on, Reed will also be creating a companion book called ‘Empire of Shadows’ which will delve into the Shadows of the Empire toy line, which essentially spawned the Expanded Universe series.

With Star Wars back in the spotlight, this is the perfect time to start purchasing some great swag based on the franchise. ‘Universe Expanded’ is perfect for you or that toy lover in your life. The project is very close to reaching its first stretch goal of expanded ‘Empire of Shadows’ in size, so let’s make it happen people! Head on over to the official ‘Universe Expanded’ Kickstarter page and check it out!