I can remember the first time I saw Stargate.  My did this crazy thing when the Stargate opened up, so did the actual screen. It was covered on the sides and they simply moved them off the screen, but it opened up at the precise time the Stargate did, and it blew me away. The movie is one that I’ve loved for years and watch at least once a year.


I guess Stargate-director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin want to recreate that cinematic magic by rebooting the film and having it start a new trilogy. I can’t say that I’m really upset. I never watched the television series, but it seems that if there is a Stargate just lying around, you might as well use it to explore new and exciting places. I also would rather see it in the hands of it’s creators, than a reboot by someone else.

We know that the film will be produced by MGM and Warner Bros., but not much else. Below we have a statement from Emmerich and Devlin:

The Stargate universe is one that we missed terribly, and we cannot wait to get going on imagining new adventures and situations for the trilogy. This story is very close to our hearts, and getting the chance to revisit this world is in many ways like a long lost child that has found its way back home.

As more news comes about for the Stargate reboot, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!