One of the best multi-player games of this generation, Starhawk, the successor to the ever popular Warhawk, has received its latest patch, with the usual bug fixes, tuning, etc. But the real news here is that its also including 2 free maps along with the update!

Both of the new maps are based on the same planet “Cypruss” and are filled with tons of cover including trees, bunkers and in “collider” there’s even the remains of a Super Collider facility to explore and use to your advantage.

There’s a ton of other content updates included as well, freshening up the game a bit if you felt its getting a little stale. And there is the  promise of 1.04 coming up with two entirely new game play modes, that are again completely free of charge! You can read the whole post here courtesy of , or just get online and download it to experience the new maps for yourself!