I always found it nice to share particular tastes with a friend… you get super excited about whatever said thing is, share information and thoughts on the subject, and get to experience any anticipation for newly released matter of it together. In this particular case, I’m referring to Casey’s and my own love for the Canadian band, Stars.

Stars is set to release their upcoming seventh album this coming Tuesday, October 14th. Titled No One Is Lost, the album itself has released a couple singles (From the Night and the title track No One is Lost) and the first thing both Casey and I noticed is how upbeat and almost “dancy” it is. Fortunately, NPR (which often blesses us with such good things) is streaming the entire album for your listening pleasure… which of course we’ve already taken advantage of.

No One Is Lost

For an almost “indie” band with its own unique sound, of mostly melancholic tunes, this albums greatly differs from most things they have done before. Rumors are, the studio they were working in was one floor above a discotheque… coincidence? What’s important to mention is that despite their change of pace, the music still feels like Stars… And it’s amazing at that. Seven albums into their career, this was a bold move, but without a doubt, one that feels right. The upbeat tunes of this latest album is nothing but a refreshing breath and makes the album an exciting and fun listen. With an almost 80’s feel to it, yet still sounding modern, No One Is Lost uses the best of the old and the new; and presented through their amazing band (not to mention the great combination of male and female vocalists), you get an album that is worth listening to… over and over.


So, check out their single No One is Lost below, or their entire album on NPR, and let us know what you think. We feel you will be pleasantly surprised. You’re welcome!