Listen, we’re in weird-ass times right now. Most of everything has been canceled due to this virus and we don’t have many ways to entertain ourselves as geeks. Okay, well we have a lot of video games and comics; but that being said, we don’t have as many SOCIAL activities. Enter the Stay Home Comic Con. A virtual con that will bring artists “together” that you can join to help out these independent creators. Read more about it below.

Several artists have joined their efforts and organised an online convention to help the art community.

Unfortunately almost all events, like comic cons, are cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus. This means a huge income loss for artists, freelancers and (small) entrepreneurs. This, however, does not stop the creativity of artists.

A group of artists, such as Gladys P. Nut and Irene Berbee have organised -within two weeks- an online convention, called Stay Home Comic Con, which will be held in the weekend of 28 and 29th of March.

The best thing about this convention? You can visit it, safely, from your own home!

Visit the virtual artist alley, look at the digital booths of small shop owners, chat with visitors at discord, join the cosplay contest or interact with the many different livestreams of and by artists.

Register your free online ticket via and enjoy an awesome convention, safely from your couch!