It’s a Coffee Table Book, it’s About Comics, it’s SUPER GRAPHIC!

Tim LeongIf you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish someone would write a book that breaks down comic books into easily digested infographics,” then, my friend, I have great news for you. Someone has done the hard work for you, his name is Tim Leong, and this is Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe.

I came across this gem while trolling a business magazine (yes, really, and their pictures of it are better than mine). Admittedly, I know little about comic books, at least in comparison to some of the people I know, and figured if I could just look at pretty pictures instead of reading lots of words about it, that would be an excellent way to learn more.


Borrowing the words of a colleague who looked at it, it is “a pleasure” to look at. Bright colors and simplified explanations of those burning questions we’ve always had, such as “What would the Punisher do?” (depicted as a flow chart) or “What does the Gotham City Police Department utility bill look like?” (The taxpayers are going to be furious.)

Certainly if your guests understand nothing of “comics,” to say, their only contact with The Avengers, Spiderman,or Batman is through the movies, they may still appreciate the content, if only because it is beautifully executed and they may actually get the references to The Walking Dead, and 300.

The book is available in paperback ( | Barnes & Noble) and also ebook format (though the Kindle version isn’t getting much love, citing that the pictures appear to be low-res.)

With that checked off of my list of “Things I didn’t know that I wish I had,” can someone please get on creating one about video games?

~The Myrrick