Hey Towelites! Hope you are having an epic Thorsday! Super7 has announced the dates that their next Masters of the Universe action figure preorder will go live. On October 2nd both the Classics and the Club Grayskull lines will have a lot of four figures available. Looking forward to this wave of Filmation figures and HOPING that they eventually go back and remake the first wave that Mattel made. Here’s the official rundown from Super7!

Super7 is excited to announce the next wave of the Masters of the Universe Classics and Club Grayskull figures! The line of deluxe 7-inch action figures continues with 8 new characters that have once again been sculpted by the inimitable Four Horsemen. This new wave includes:

MOTU Classics Wave 2:

  • Dyla-Mug
  • Granita
  • Karg
  • Wraptrap

MOTU Club Grayskull Wave 2:

  • Man-E-Faces
  • Mer Man
  • Sorceress
  • Tongue Lashor

The MOTU Classics pre-order window will open on Monday, October 2nd at Super7Store.com. Stay tuned for details about the figures, accessories, and pre-order information.

By the Power of Grayskull!