The year of Superman has begun! With a new movie from Zack Snyder and a new comic series helmed by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, Superman will be in the spotlight for 2013. Since his debut in Action Comics #1 way back in April of 1938, Superman has won the world over with his boy scout attitude and love of the American way.  Not only will Zack Snyder have a blockbuster movie on his hands featuring Supes, but he and animation great, Bruce Timm, will be creating a short based on Superman’s 75 years. The short is said to feature all of his incarnations through the years all the way up to Man of Steel. Little details are available at this time but Jay Oliva and Geoff Johns will take part as well. The short is set to debut at Comic Con this year! Check out the official 75th anniversary logo below! Superman-75-logo


Stay tooned 😛