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The thing I love about the DC animated movies from Warner Premiere is that they waste no time getting to the next one. The thing I don’t like about the movies is that they are SO Batman and Superman heavy. DC likes to sit in their comfort zone, yet I feel that when they do projects outside of their golden duo they do some of their best work (i.e. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern). Yet, like a gatling gun of animation goodness, DC is ready to promote their next movie Superman: Unbound. Based upon the comic by Geoff Johns “Brainaic“, Superman: Unbound is due to us mid-2013 and here are two exclusive stills courtesy of TV Guide.

superman unbound 1 superman unbound 2

Superman: Unbound producer James Tucker had this to say about the actors that will provide the voices for Superman and Brainiac.

Matt Bomer (Chuck) as Superman:

“He had a jovial energy that was a little counter to what we usually do with Superman,” Tucker says. “But he also had that decency in his voice that Superman really needs no matter which way you go with him.”

John Noble (Fringe) as Brainaic:

“I could listen to him all day. John had a lot of energy and he really got into the psychology of what was motivating Brainiac. He brought a level of intelligence, but also that slight bit of crazy that a super villain needs to have under the surface to make him compelling.”


Stay tooned 😛


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