Check out the awesome gallery below of all the different variant covers that will be available when Scott Snyder and Jim Lee‘s upcoming series Superman Unchained hits stands this summer.  CBR  scored a great interview with the dynamic duo, and Snyder also talks a bit about Batman: Year Zero, another arc in the Batman mythos he’s also writing. Here’s an excerpt

CBR: With “Superman Unchained,” we have the hero investigating a mystery involving Lex Luthor, falling satellites and an unknown third party. Could this involve new revelations about Krypton?

Lee: There aren’t any flashbacks to Krypton or anything in this book.

CBR: Scott, you recently looked over older Superman stories, in particular the novel “Miracle Monday” by Elliot S. Maggin. Did that provide any new insight that you’re bringing to “Superman Unchained?”

Snyder: Very much! One thing I love about Maggin’s work is that he showed Superman as a hero, ethically and morally. He has to solve problems with his head and his heart more than with his fists. “Miracle Monday” shows how lonely it can be to be Superman in a lot of ways that were surprising to me. Some of the real intimate moments — hearing an ant colony and being able to see colors in the electro-magnetic spectrum that no one else can see — those are details that you know Superman can do, but experiencing it in prose is really fun. It brings a very human element to Superman.



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