“Dean is the new Black”, that is what I got from this season premier.  Sam is alone on the hunt of search for his brother.  Last time we saw Dean, he was stabbed by Metatron with an angel dagger before he was thrown in heaven prison.  Crowley is standing beside a bed where Dean’s body is laying there, dead, and then his eyes open up with blackness inside him.  He has been demonized.

Usually the season opener begins with a cool rock and roll song either AC/DC for DefLeppard, but this we hear Heartbreaker from Pat Benatar.  I think it is rather fitting because this whole season revolves around the two brothers at different sides of the battleground. Supernatural S10E1 03 Knowing Dean as the happy go lucky guy in the past, it is no surprise to see him sing horribly one hit wonders at a karaoke bar, and having no guilt sex with the bar waitress.

While Dean is having the time of his life, Sam is hard bent searching for his brother.  Looking through newspaper clipping and Internet news, Sam stumbles on a story about a man who kills his whole family only to be stabbed to death by an unknown person at the local gas station food mart.  Sam calls Castiel looking for help; unfortunately he is not feeling himself lately.  Sam goes off alone to investigate this lead.

Crowley is still watching over Dean, making sure he doesn’t do anything foolish, like singing “I’m Too Sexy”, in the karaoke bar and drinking the whole bar.  Probably one of the funniest moments is where the two play foosball with a couple of locals and loses.  Just like a demon, Crowley has a hidden agenda that involves Dean and creating a hell where he and Dean can rule over it.  For the past month, Crowley has been sending demon goons to kill Dean so that he can get stronger and become healthier for his ultimate plan to work.  But Dean just want to have a good time and drink his life away.  Dean notices that the waitress whom he is attracted is getting harassed by a man at the bar.  They walk out together and continue their argument in the parking lot.  Dean steps in and punches the living crap out of the guy.  The waitress is shocked with Dean’s behavior, but he is unfazed, in fact he kind of enjoyed it.

Castiel gets a visit by Anna, an angel who used to work for Metatron before his downfall.  She tells Castiel that he is needed to stop a couple of angels from killing their comrades to prevent them from ascending into heaven.  Anna noticed that Castiel is looking sick.  She realizes that his borrowed grace is failing him and that he is dying.  Castiel ignores her concerns and insists he is fine and wants to continue on.

Sam is on the murder investigation of the family man and family and starts by going the local police station and takes a look at the stores security cameras.  He sees a man being beaten to death and stabbed by a person that fits the description of Dean.  He also notices that this Dean character is holding The First Blade and his eyes are black.  Sam’s worse fears are concerned, Dean has become a demon.

Sam is not the only person searching for Dean, a mysterious man with a military marine background is hunting him.  It is unclear as to who this person is, but my gut tells me is a hunter of a different kind.  Supernatural S10E1 04There is a scene where we see this man, pack his duffle bag with guns, guns, and more guns with a fax picture of the store picture of Dean with the “Yup” written on it.  The question is, who send the picture to him and who is the military hunter?  Hopefully it will be answered in the next episode.

Anna and Castiel find the angelic renegade killing duo fishing at a stream.  Daniel, who is one of them, tries to explain why he did what he did.  Castiel is beginning to understand why some angels don’t want to ascend to heaven, it’s the freedom they have down on earth.  The emotions, free will, and being an individual, is a temptation these renegade angels have grown used to and they want to give the same experience to their brethrens.  Anna tries to apprehend Daniel when the second renegade appears, Adeena.  She fights Annz, but Daniel is suddenly pierced through with an angel blade by Castiel.  Adeena cries for her partner and runs away.  Anna is slightly injured from the altercation with Adeena.  Castiel convinces Anna to not pursue Adeena.

Sam visits the store clerk and digs deeper into the investigation.  During his questioning of the clerk, Sam is given the dead family man’s phone.  He uses that phone to call and track down the location of his brother.  Sam is on the trail when his car breaks down.  Another car pulls over and offers Sam a hand.  Little did Sam know that this stunt is a setup by the military hunter.  He knocks Sam out and drags him to an abandoned warehouse.   The hunter calls Dean to say that he has Sam and will kill him if he doesn’t do exactly what he says.  Without hesitation, Dean refuses to cooperate and tells him he doesn’t care and to kill Sam.  He adds that it was a mistake for Sam to search for him and he wants to be left alone.  Dean hangs up.

I have seen Dean be an A-hole to Sam before, but his behavior toward his only family member gives me chills down my spine.  My prediction for this season is that there loyalties and love for one another is going to be tested like never before.  We saw Sam without a soul and his actions proved to be cold, calculating, and down right frightening.  Now it is Dean’s turn this season.  How is Sam going to approach this?  Will he have to do things that are questionable to get his brother back?  Who knows?